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You can find the tire sizes for the Chevrolet Cobalt and their corresponding recommended tire pressures.

The years available stretch from 2005 through to 2010 and to view the tire pressures and sizes you just click to expand.

In 2004 production of the Chevrolet Cobalt began as a replacement for the Cavelier and Prizm lines.

It was built on the American company's Delta platform that was also used under the Opel Astra and the Chevrolet HHR.

The model was designed to appeal to the North American market and was fitted with engines that started at the 2-liter in size mark.

A supercharged SS version of the car was offered during the first two years, replaced afterward with a turbocharged option instead.

Safety ratings for the original car were pretty good for a compact car although it was slightly larger than the rest of the compact market.

As standard, the car was fitted with side-impact airbags after the IIHS rated it "Poor" for collisions from the side when first tested, it was rated "Good" for front collisions.

It was available as a 2-door coupe or a 4-door sedan with all models having their engines in the front powering the front wheels.

General Motors also sold a rebadged version of the car under their Pontiac brand as the G5.

Eventually, in 2011, the Cobalt was replaced by the Cruze as the company's new flagship compact car for North America.

The line did continue being produced in Brazil for that market in a 4-door sedan style.