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Atturo is known for its tough offroad tires sold primarily for SUVs and light trucks. The American company is based in Waukegan, Illinois and was first formed in 2009. Over the years the company has also moved into performance street tires and sells in over 30 countries.

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BFGoodrich is a manufacturer of tires for both on and off-road use with sales happening all over the world. You can trace the roots of BFGoodrich all the way back to 1870 when the founder Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich began manufacturing some of the first rubber tires.

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Bridgestone has a wide range of tires for not only automotive use but also motorcycle and agriculture. The company has a large number of factories and research centers all over the world and was even an official partner of the Olympics.

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The Continental tire manufacturing company has been in operation since 1870 and caters to automotive as well as commercial markets. They have a wide range of premium tires across all of the major sizes as well as summer, winter or all seasons as required.

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Cooper offers premium tires for SUVs, light trucks and street vehicles. The American company is based in Ohio and has been operating since the early-1900s. They have a heavy presence in motorsports and even has David Coulthard as an ambassador for the company.

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Since its formation in 1958, the Dick-Cepek brand of tough off-road tires has been known as the go-to choice for SUVs that regularly leave the road. The brand is now operated by the Mickey-Thompson brand of premium tires for off-road and racing.

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Dunlop is a huge brand of tires that operated worldwide but was originally started in Ireland during the latter part of the 1800s. The company is now run by Goodyear of America and is used to market a range of premium tires for on and off-road vehicles.

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Falken is a Japanese manufacturer of premium tires that was first formed during the 1980s. The company markets its products in Asia, North America and Europe with sizes available for passengers cars, light trucks and medium trucks.

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Based in Taiwan, Federal Tires is operated by the Federal Corporation that operates in a vast number of markets including real estate. The company has been selling tires since the mid-1950s and markets its tires in China under the "Hero" brand name.

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Fierce is a sub-brand of Goodyear that includes a range of tough off-roading tires that are perfectly at home on a pickup truck or classic SUV. The flagship Attitude range is available in larger diameter sizes from 29 inches upwards and runs at a high PSI rating.

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The founder of Firestone (Harvey Firestone) was a personal friend of Henry Ford and pioneered the mass production of tires. This then led the Firestone company into many other rubber-based products and successes which is where the company continues to dominate today.

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Fuel is a brand based in the USA that specializes in premium offroad wheels and tires. They manufacture both and are a common sight on modified offroad pickup trucks and SUVs that are designed to handle tough conditions.

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Fuzion produces a range of on and off-road tires that are premium yet affordable. The brand is owned by Bridgestone and markets these tires all over the world.

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General Tire is a brand owned and operated by German behemoth Continental. The General Tire company was originally formed in North America and continues to operate and manufacture in that country to this day.

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Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company have been in operation since the late 1800s. Based in Ohio, the company has remained in the same place since it was formed and was until 1998 the sole provider of tires for Formula 1 - they still operate in Nascar though.

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Based in South Korea, Hankook manufactures tires but also sells various other products for automobiles including batteries. The Hankook brand has a vast portfolio of tires across many different classes including both on and off-road.

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Hercules offers a range of premium SUV tires with deep tread ideal for winter conditions. The brand is operated by Cooper Tires of the USA which is based in Ohio.

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Hoosier is a manufacturer of premium racing tires including those with tread and slick models with no tread. It is owned and operated by the large German company Continental - although Hoosier is based in the USA.

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Since the 1960s, Interco has been producing premium offroad tires for automobiles as well as for agricultural use. The company is based in Lousiana and caters to the motorsport world as well as the domestic one.

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South Korean tire manufacturer Kumho started out life in 1960 and is now owned by the Chinese company Doublestar. They produce a diverse range of tires for both on and off-road use.

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Mastercraft is an affordable brand of tires produced by the American company Cooper. The range the company offer focuses on the deeper tread SUV and pickup truck market.

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Taiwanese tire manufacturer Maxxis is owned by Cheng Shin Rubber and has been in operation since the 1960s. This company started out life producing tires for pushbikes but then quickly moved into the lucrative automobile tire market shortly after.

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You can easily recognize the Michelin logo because of its friendly mascot. The company has been producing automobile tires since the late-1800s and continues to be based in France.

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