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Acura is the luxury sub-brand of Japanese automaker Honda. It was originally focused on the North American market but has since crept out into other territories worldwide. You can find many of the Honda lines on sale through this brand with improved luxury and features.

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Alfa Romeo is a long-established Italian sports car manufacturer that is now owned by Fiat. They have a heritage in motorsport and offer a range of different lines including compact cars such as the 147 all the way to supercars like the 4C.

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Audi is the luxury sub-brand of German automaker Volkswagen. They offer a very wide range of models including compacts, sedans, SUVs and supercars. Much of its technology is taken from its parent company and can also be found in other brands such as Skoda.

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BMW is a premium German automaker that was traditionally known for its sedan models but in recent years moved into SUVs. They also own and operate the Mini brand to offer a range of premium compact car lines that don't fit in with their own image.

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Buick is a luxury brand operated by General Motors alongside Cadillac and Chevrolet. It has struggled in recent years to shake off its "old person" image and embrace more youthful customers by concentrating on trendy crossover SUV lines.

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Cadillac is synonymous with luxury, especially when it comes to automobiles. The company is operated by General Motors alongside its other luxury brand Buick. You can find much of the technology shared between these two brands as well as Chevrolet too.

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Chevrolet is the mid-price brand of General Motors, operated alongside Cadillac and Buick. You can find the technology and platforms shared among these brands with many of the models looking very similar from the outside.

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In recent years Chrysler has reduced its range of model lines to focus on just the select few that do well. These are typically minivans that sell well in North America but they do have a few other lines such as the 300 that just cling on to the shrinking demand for sedans.

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Citroen made many "firsts" in the automobile world including the first mass-produced front-wheel-drive model and the first to feature independent suspension. The company works closely with Peugeot, another French automaker that has been in existence for over 100 years.

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Dacia was originally a Romanian state-operated automaker but in the 1990s was acquired by French company Renault. They now produce Renault-based models that contain only the needed features and are priced incredibly low because of this.

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Dodge has morphed into a performance-focused brand in recent decades and has shaken off many of its affordable lines. The company was originally launched in the early 1900s by the Dodge brothers who were prominent in motorsport at the time.

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Fiat is an Italian automaker that controls many other brands including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep, and Lancia. They have a long heritage of producing automobiles and now specializes in affordable lines through its primary brand Fiat.

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Ford is possibly the biggest household name for motoring since it revolutionized automobile manufacturing in the early-1900s. Henry Ford helped bring down production costs and created a company with a legacy that has continued to dominate the market even to this day.

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General Motors manages various other brands including Chevrolet and Buick but also markets several premium lines of their own. These self-branded lines are essentially luxury versions of Chevrolet models with an increased level of features as standard.

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Honda started out manufacturing engine parts for Toyota in the 1930s but quickly began developing their own motorcycles and then automobiles in the following decades. In recent years the company has flourished to produce world-class engines and equipment also.

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Hyundai has gone from being a budget alternative to a serious competitor for most of the established automakers in recent years - offering amazing value for money. The company owns a majority share of Kia and markets many of the same lines through both brands.

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Infiniti was launched during the 1980s as a way for Nissan to sell premium versions of its already existing range of cars. It was first focused on the USA like Lexus and Acura were but over the years it has migrated around the world and entered into many other markets.

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Jaguar is operated alongside Land Rover in the UK by its parent company Tata. In the past the brand has been owned by Ford, BMW and a fleet of British companies such as British Leyland. The company manufacturers luxurious sports models with a high price point.

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Jeep has become synonymous with offroad capable cars and has always played to that strength. The company also manufacturers lower-cost models in recent times based on traditional unibody designs in order to remain competitive in the modern market.

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Kia started out by making Mazda models under license and then moved on to produce Ford models later. It wasn't until the early-1990s that the company produced their own in-house designed models with Mazda engines fitted under the hood.

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Land Rover was launched in the late-1940s by Rover as a single model that went on to be named the Defender. The company also launched the Range Rover, a luxury offroad-capable model that also became its own brand with several offshoot model lines.

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Lexus was launched as a luxury car brand by parent Toyota in the late-1980s. It focused on the North American market at first but then crept out to cater to the whole world during the 1990s. Nowadays the brand has a diverse range of lines including SUVs and supercars.

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Lincoln was created in the early-1900s by several ex-members of staff at General Motors. These guys sold the company to Ford once it had established a name for itself in the luxury automobile space. Nowadays the company focuses on luxury sedans and SUVs.

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Mazda started out producing tools and then small vehicles such as rickshaws in the 1930s. It then made a name for itself by producing smaller automobiles for Japanese customers and then for the rest of the world. Nowadays it works closely with Ford of America.

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Mercedes Benz is credited with being responsible for creating the first internal-combustion-engine powered automobile. Its founders were involved in that feat and brought that knowledge with them to Mercedes Benz to create a world-class automaker.

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Mercury was formed in 1938 by one of Henry Ford's own sons to act as a slightly more upmarket brand to compete with the likes of Buick. It was priced lower than Lincoln (Ford's own luxury brand) but more than Ford itself.

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Mini was originally a tiny car brand that was a huge symbol of the 1960s. In the 1990s BMW purchased the brand from the Rover Group in order to reduce their average emissions across their lines (a rule brought in by the European Union).

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Mitsubishi Motors is part of the much larger Mitsubishi Group which has its fingers in many pies within the industrial world. For the car manufacturing wing that is relevant here the company has been working closely with Renault and Nissan in recent years.

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Nissan works closely with Renault, Mitsubishi and Samsung in recent years in order to stay competitive against the other big motor manufacturer groups. The company is known for its reliable and value-for-money models including the Micra supermini.

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Opel is a brand that belongs to General Motors with its UK-focused Vauxhall brand sitting underneath it. The company produces a range of affordable mass-produced cars that it focuses on the European market with some being sold in Australia under the Holden badge.

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Peugeot is a French automaker that has worked closely with Citroen for many decades, sharing technology and platform between the two brands. The company also works with Opel and several other manufacturers/brands in the General Motors umbrella.

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Pontiac was spawned from the Oakland Motor Company and used as a performance-focused brand for the General Motors holding company. It made a huge name for itself during the 1900s as it appeared in film and television but fell out of favour during the 2000s.

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Porsche started out as a consultancy firm to other automakers, most notably Volkswagen. They began producing their own line of sports cars shortly after helping design the original VW Beetle. It became a household name and to this day continues to be a dream car for many.

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Renault started out over 100 years ago, introducing one of the first commercially available automobiles. The company went on to acquire competitors such as Dacia and in more recent times works closely with Nissan, Samsung and Mitsubishi to share technology and resources.

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SEAT was created by the Spanish government in an attempt to create both jobs and low-cost automobiles for its people. The company went on to make models under license from other brands such as Volkswagen until they were bought out by them in the 1990s.

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Skoda is a sub-brand of Volkswagen that offers the same platforms as its parent company but with a no-frills approach and smaller price tag. The cars sell all over Europe and prove popular during times of financial difficulties such as during periods of depression.

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smart produces tiny cars and is majority-owned by German automaker Mercedes Benz. These small cars help reduce the overall emissions from the Mercedes group much like how Mini does for BMW, a regulation brought in by the European Union to save the planet.

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Outside of Asia, Subaru is known for its performance appeal due to its use of boxer engines and permanent four-wheel-drive. Within Asia, the company is better known for its small Kei line of models that are low cost and cheap to tax.

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Suzuki is a Japanese automaker that focuses primarily on small models that are cheap to buy and run. Some of the most popular models that it has marketed include the Vitara, the Jimny, and the sporty Swift supermini.

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Tesla was spawned during the 2000s as an all-electric car brand. They quickly dominated the electric-car scene and gave the more established brands a run for their money. Today the company is aggressively expanding into more territories including China.

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Toyota is a Japanese automaker that also runs a luxury division called Lexus. The company has pioneered many alternative-fuel technologies and continues to push on after having successes with the Prius and now is leading the way with hydrogen fuel cells.

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Volkswagen started out with the Beetle model during the 1930s and then flourished after the second world war. They managed to buy out competitors for the next few decades including Audi, Skoda and SEAT to name just a few - today they offer a wide range of lines.

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Volvo is a Swedish automaker that produces cars that are both safe and reliable. They are known for their smart premium lines that offer a high level of finish and modern features. The company also owns half of the truck manufacturer Scania.

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