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You can find the tire sizes for the Honda Odyssey and their corresponding recommended tire pressures.

The years available stretch from 2005 through to 2022 and to view the tire pressures and sizes you just click to expand.

During the mid-1990s the Honda Odyssey was introduced by the Japanese automaker to take on the minivan market.

To create this new car the company took the Accord chassis and stuck a taller body on top of it.

This was during an explosive time for the minivan market and saw Japanese firms battling against American ones for the lucrative USA market.

Throughout its life the Odyssey was offered with only a limited choice in engine size, a V6 wasn't offered until 1999 - important for the USA market.

During this first redesign, the car was changed to reflect the needs of the typical buyers which was changing drastically as more manufacturers jumped into it.

Sliding doors were put onto the second generation Odyssey to help it compete with the Chrysler Town and Country (its biggest competitor in the USA).

Over the following years, the minivan was further optimized for its audience and packed full of new features as standard.

You could now find built-in features such as run-flat tires, a power tailgate and a vacuum cleaner included.

This was against a backwash in the market as the average car buyer was looking at crossover SUVs that offered similar practicality with lower running costs.

Sales dwindled as customers were shifting to crossover SUVs like the Honda Pilot, which is also built on the same chassis as this car.

The two most recent versions of the Odyssey were sold with a 3.5-liter V6 and recently fitted with a high-tech 10-speed automatic transmission.